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"The greatest success we'll know is helping others to succeed and grow." ~ Gregory Scott Reid

At A1 Creative Solutions, LLC, we specialize in finding solutions to assist those interested in restoring 

and rebuilding their most important asset: THEIR CREDIT. 

A Passion to Help Others

A1 Creative Solutions, LLC was started by Errol Hendricks. His career began in 1993 in the legal collections field. As he worked closely with clients, he began to realize that his passion lay more in helping people rebuild their credit than assisting them in destroying it. His 25 years' of experience has allowed him to gain the knowledge that is required to help clients rebuild their credit rating from the ground up with integrity, accuracy, and dedication to each client's diverse needs.

Empowering You

At A1 Creative Solutions, we are dedicated to empowering you to learn how to restructure and rebuild your credit. We will work together to create significant long term solutions for increasing your credit rating and achieving all of your financial goals.


Learning about your credit and how it works is important. Make the choice to change your credit lifestyle and begin a healthier relationship with your credit. A1 Creative Solutions will help you to begin working towards better credit and that long-lasting lifestyle change. 

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